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India is a land of many mysteries and greater is the mystery of Indian Jungle and its wildlife. Indians hold a reverence for nature and almost every God, Goddess and even the local deities are depicted to have some soulful relation with the flora and fauna.

In the sacred groves of Wild India - tigers, lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, bears, wild dog, fox, jackal, wild ass, bison, buffalo, antelope, deer, monkeys, crocodiles, peacocks, reptiles and hundred of species of birds are still weaving magic for its visitors. With Magnificent, you get a chance to explore this wilderness in open jeeps and on elephant-back accompanied by expert naturalists, to unfold this magic. Unlike in Africa where wildlife is more easily seen, in India, its infect adventurous, as you are required to track the animals by following the signs of the jungle like footprints, scat and monkey & deer alarm calls.

Indian wildlife is inextricably woven into the fabric of its people, religion, art, sculpture and legends, and to let our guests feel all this, the wildlife itineraries are designed to include visits to some fascinating palaces and ancient temples around the wilderness. The focus of our Wildlife Safaris is to explore the extraordinary natural wonders of India while enjoying some of the cultural highlights along the way. Also, towards providing this enriching experience, we have created a network of accredited and some of the leading conservation enterprises, and like minded organizations / institutions to learn about some of the conservation projects and contribute directly to them.

We have worked out and selected the best for our guests to make them feel at home, at the last viable home of the wild tiger.