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  White Water Rafting  Destinations 

White-water rafting is an extreme water adventure sport that has few other adventure sports matching its excitement and thrill. The torrent water, the uncontrollable rapids, and the challenge of making it over the churning rapids are a spine-tingling experience that challenges one to go rafting. The term white water refers to the white foam which forms on the top of the water. It is made when water hits rocks on its race downhill. Steep inclines of the riverbed result in the formation of rapids and whirlpools. Undercurrents and white water caused by roots of big trees are also there in India’s rivers.

White water rafting known for its excitement, novelty and thrill has really caught up on as an adventure sport in India, in recent years. More and more adventure seekers are being enamored by this extreme adventure activity, which puts ones physical and mental abilities on a decisive test. Even more so, the sport requires little skill and can be instantly grasped and mastered by the tourists

India has a host of rivers and plenty of locations that are ideal for white water rafting. Most of the water rafting destinations are located in the Himalayas, and the River Ganges is the most popular of them all. Several camps are organized along the 70-km stretch from Devprayag to Rishikesh. Rapids have been graded according to the difficulty of their run. The rivers Yamuna, Tons, Kalisor, Alaknanda, Bhilangana, Mandakini and Bhagirathi offer many stretches, both for professionals as well as amateur rafters. Other ranges in Ladakh and Sikkim also offer Great River stretches for rafting. The months from October to April are the best months for the adventure seekers to indulge in rafting. Permits or licenses are required for rafting in the restricted areas.

The experience of white water rafting is truly a hair raising and unforgettable experience that will have you raring to go for your next water rafting vacation. Even amateurs can try their hand at the easier rapids, for latest safety equipment makes it possible even for non-swimmers to undertake an expedition without fear. So welcome to the terrific rivers of India!