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Having pushed to accept a life style and live in a work culture, which is self-consuming, it has become almost out of one’s frontiers to enjoy precious little bounties of Nature, spread all around us. 

Nature beckons us; we are a part of it, we all yearn to have the feel of grass under our bare feet, the smell of first rains, sweet smell of the flowers, rustling of leaves, warbling of streams, buzz of the bees, the sight of a day break, run after butterflies and catch fire flies, ride on the buffalo back, gaze at the stars and the wonderful constellations and many more. Wouldn’t you like to pull a bucket full of water out from the bed of a well and have bath in open? Wow!

We have exclusive places for you to explore on weekends and give expressions to all such desires, to rejuvenate and stir up your souls. Perfect places, which take you far from civilization, yet close enough for an easy access from your city confines. Magnificent view of pristine natural surroundings and a backdrop of lush forests refresh your senses. For all those who want to enjoy the nature and be in its lap first hand and explore the adventure beyond the bounds, these places offer bagful of activities.

Early mornings are best kept for Village visit, Nature walks, Trekking, Mountain biking, Jeep Safari, Camel and horse Safari. Action and sightseeing start the moment you reach these places in pure wilderness. The guests can explore the surrounding jungles and villages on foot or mountain bikes. Day excursions to nearby hills and streams with lunch en route are a fascinating feature. Or get on to a different course altogether to attain nirvana, take ayurveda herbal massage therapy, aroma therapy, mud bath, yoga, meditation, stress management & deep relaxation therapy to reinvent your self.

The ultimate charm and the most fascinating part of these places is the extraordinary stillness, nothing moves accept your thoughts.