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"Here's to the groom with bride so fair,

And here's to the bride with groom so rare!"

'Marriages are made in heaven!í it's said, truly so. Somewhere over the rainbow, the bride and groom have never tread before, gladly now would do so and further beyond, are keen to go. A wedding day is so special in every way, with blissful moments as dreams are realized. The faint flush upon the telltale cheeks, the quivering lid of an averted eye, the vows exchanged, a beaming smile - proves the couple is now man and wife.


A pure union of two souls; is a reason for celebration of love and affection. A strong bond of matrimony - the nuptials, calls for social acceptance with a twist of legal/ religious binding, performed before God seeking His kind blessings. A wedding goes way beyond tying the knot; itís of new relationships and that of solemn vows and its time for grandeur, color and gaiety. To uphold this union in loving support, the family and friends of the newly-wed, raise a toast to celebrate.

Weddings set in exotic destinations around the globe lend a fairytale charm making one's dream wedding a reality. Couples choose a dream location to exchange their vows and celebrate their love.

It is a classic concept and in-trend too, as the entire wedding party travels to the chosen, fabulous destination overseas as opposed to a typical traditional wedding, faraway from the normalcy of the couple's country of residence. Destination wedding allow couples to offer their guest a fabulous venue and a vacation getaway.

Destination wedding is magical. Envision yourselves in grand colorful setting amidst an exotic backdrop; decorated with delicate greens and fragrant flowers, warm and luxurious environ with music, wine, top-notch cuisine and your near and dear ones toasting the two of you. The wedding planners and specialists are truly where the 'magic happens', right from beginning, looking into the minutest of the wedding details and catering to all the demands befitting the moment, mood and desires till the very end. The dedicated team monitors the progress of every wedding and supports the couple all through making the occasion regal yet stress-free.

Off late India has been portrayed and well marketed as a Wedding Destination with a unique concept, infusing elements of Indian Wedding rituals with great finesse. Today the stunning destinations like Rajasthan, Goa and Kerala are hot favorites and rightly so with their natural beauty, rich diverse culture and visitor friendly environs, also well equipped to host this big idea with aplomb.

We at Magnificent, have a unique working concept in wedding planning. We believe in rendering the best of personalized service in gradual stages - queries, reservations and then proffering the most viable submissions. The wedding planners at Magnificent are the best in the country- in addition to expertise in planning; they highly experienced to help you transform all your wedding fantasies into reality, handling every detail efficiently with great ease.

Start planning Early- that's all you need to do and contact us.