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Volunteering to participate in wildlife protection and nature conservation is a great way to get involved in knowing the nature first hand, it also lets one to avail the opportunity to do scientific research, promote environmental education, and gain experience working with experts.

Nature volunteering is all about linking opportunities, as it gives conservation projects a chance to get the manpower they need and nature enthusiasts the opportunity and a platform to work. Volunteering takes you to places that are not accessible to common tourists, where you get the opportunity to protect nature and its inhabitants, by helping local organizations with their conservation projects. This makes a Nature volunteer trip both a rewarding and an unforgettable experience

Nature volunteers are people who care about nature, wildlife and animals. Nature belong to all of us and irrespective of geographic boundaries, nature lovers share the same concern and have sympathies, and form a diverse group of volunteers from countries all over the world to work for the common cause. Most volunteers arrive as solo travelers, start working on a project as a member of small team of experts, local people and volunteers.

Besides the contribution the volunteers put in into these projects, these projects turn out to be an extraordinary vacation experience to the volunteers, they get first hand guidance by experts in learning new skills the experience is direct, make new friends, and go through lots of experiential learning’s to come out and face challenges in life.
Today, there are many volunteer opportunities available, both locally and internationally. These opportunities range from volunteering at local level to traveling to a distant country to participate in a long-term research project. We examine the volunteer opportunities available and help to identify the project that works best for the volunteer and the environment. India boasts of a magnificent bio-diversity and there are examples of excellent work being done by various non-government organizations at various field levels to conserve and protect it.  The network of these organizations provides opportunities under short term projects, enabling volunteers to participate and gain valuable experience.