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India >> Rajasthan >> Churu >> Tal Chhapar Sanctuary
Tal Chhapar Sanctuary Churu, Rajasthan
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Tal Chhapar is a small town in Sujangarh tehsil of Churu district in Rajasthan. The place is one the favorite places for avid wildlife lovers, for it is a safe haven for the most elegant Antelope found in IndiaThe Black buck”. A 7.19-sq km. park, besides black buck, also harbors Chinkara, Desert fox, Desert cat, Raptors, Partridge, Sand grouse and reptiles like Spiny tailed lizard. The sanctuary is one of the amazing wildlife places, Rajasthan has to offer.


Tal Chhapar sanctuary with almost flat tract and interspersed shallow low lying areas has open grassland with scattered Acacia and Prosopis trees which give it an appearance of a typical Savanna. The word “Tal” means shallow plain tract. The rain water flows through shallow low lying areas and collect in the small seasonal water ponds.


As for the historical fact, Tal Chhapar was a “Shikargah”, a private hunting reserve of the Maharaja of Bikaner, and ample protection and facilities were provided so as to attract and maintain a sizeable population of wild animals in the area. Tal Chhapar with its rich diversity of animals and birds was one of the favorite places for the erstwhile ruler of Bikaner and his Royal Guests for the Game. After Independence, Tal Chhapar was declared as a Wildlife Sanctuary in the year 1962 to accord proper protection to Black Bucks and other animals and birds inhabiting this area.


Special type of grass found in the Tal Chhapar Sanctuary is Mothiya. The word mothiya is derived from the word Moti (English word for Pearl). The seeds of this grass are pearl shaped and the grass has a very sweet taste. This is liked by Black Bucks and some birds.


The sanctuary has much to offer to treat its visitors with its rich range of organisms present in this ecological system. Right from antelopes to birds and to reptiles, place is just a delight for any wildlife lover to study, observe or photograph. Pure indulgence


Tal Chappar Sanctuary is spread over in a comparatively small area and the animals inhabiting are the Desert Fox, Jungle Cat, Black Naped Hare, Neelgai, Jackal, Chinkara etc. with Black Buck being the main herbivore.


Tal Chhapar wildlife sanctuary is a unique sanctuary having a good population of Black buck. The sanctuary houses nearly 2000 Black Bucks in a small area. This is a natural refuge for Black bucks and one can easily encounter 500-700 animals in a single herd. It is the only sanctuary in India, which houses a good population of Black bucks in an almost tree-less, saline and flat-land. Here one can enjoy the beauty of the Black bucks from a very close proximity.


The Black buck is the sole representative in India of the Genus Antelope. Its striking color and its beautiful spiraled horns which may reach the shoulder height of the animal, gave it an elegance hardly equaled by any antelope. The upper part of mature male Black buck has black fur on rump and white fur on the chest belly, chin and inner side of there legs. They have white rings around their eyes and have long ringed spiral horns with three to four turns which reach up to 28 inches. The males are born light brown and turn black after three years after attaining sexual maturity. Female Black buck are smaller light brown, do not have horns.



Over hundred of bird species are found in the sanctuary. During the month of September, the sanctuary comes alive with the chirping of various migratory birds including marsh harrier, pale harrier, imperial eagle, tawny eagle, short toed eagle, sparrow hawk, skylark, crested lark, ring drove, brown dove, blue jay, green bee eaters, black ibis and demoiselle cranes.


The most spectacular migration seen from here is that of harries, besides this imperial eagle, tawny eagle, short toed eagle, sparrow hawks are also common here. The other birds commonly seen here are skylark, crested lark, ring drove, brown dove, blue jay, green bee eaters, black ibis and demoiselle cranes which stay there till March.



Reptiles found are Common Lizard, Common Monitor Lizard, Spiny tailed Lizard, Dhaman, Cobra, Russell Viper, Chameleon etc.

 Getting there


Located on the fringe of the Great Indian Thar Desert, in Churu district lies in the north-east of Rajasthan.



On Nokha-Sujangarh state highway at a distance of 85 km from Churu, about 132 from Bikaner and 215 km from state capital Jaipur.


 Fast Facts
Name Tal Chhapar Sanctuary Best Time To Visit September to February
Location Churu   Rajasthan   West   India   Best Sighing September to February
Open From 0000-00-00  To 0000-00-00 Type Wildlife Scanctuary
Temperature Summar   38-45º      Winter   0-10º      Rainy   25-35º
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