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India >> Rajasthan >> Alwar >> Sariska National Park
Sariska National Park Alwar, Rajasthan
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Sariska Tiger Reserve is situated in the northern part of the Aravali hills, nearly 200 kms. from Delhi on the Delhi -Alwar- Jaipur road. Sariska was declared a sanctuary in 1955 and it became a Tiger Reserve under Project Tiger in 1979. An area of 866 sq. km falls under the Project Tiger Reserve.


Sariska has enjoyed a formidable reputation as one of India’s few wildlife parks that guaranteed the tiger sightings, through out its past, except the recent. Sarsika, a dry deciduous scrub jungle with a befitting topography of canyons and gorges provided home to the supreme predator and was the western limit of the distribution of the tiger in India.


Sadly, Sariska now, speaks of the most shocking and the shameful occurrence of neglect that this beautiful forest suffered. In early 2004, the nation woke up in disbelief to the shocking news of rampant poaching that wiped out the entire tiger population from Sariska, perhaps the crudest blow to the wildlife protection and conservation efforts, in independent India. Despite this tragedy, Sariska still contributes to the conservation of the Tiger that remains India’s enduring emblem  -  for, the debate on the condition of our sanctuaries that began with Sariska’s story is now firmly on the national agenda. And now the State Government is doing an all out effort to re-introduce Tiger in Sariska, under the technical supervision of the Wildlife Institute of India. 


This unfortunate story haunts and forms the backdrop to any visit to Sariska. Yet, the pristine natural habitat, the history and the surviving wildlife in the park, still amazing by any standards, continues to captivate thousands, visiting this reserve.


The forests are of a typical dry deciduous type with Dhok as the dominant tree specie, Salar, Khair, Cheela, Aam, Jamun, Arjun and Bahera are other species that grow here, Bamboo grows to a limited extent along the moist and cooler parts. The ground cover is mainly Ber, and Adusa. Zizyphus and Grewia are good fodder species.


Sariska supports a very rich wildlife. Panther, Hyena, Jackal and Jungle cat are the carnivores of the forest. Caracal and Wild dog are also seen but very rarely. Among the prey population are the Sambhar, Chital, Nilgai, Wild boar, Hare and Porcupine etc. And as far the avifauna is concerned more than 225 species of birds can be seen here. The populations of Peafowl, Grey partridges and Bush quail are conspicuous. Other commonly seen birds are Parakeets, Red spur fowl, Doves, Green pigeon, Flycatchers, Bee-eaters, Shrikes, Woodpeckers Vultures and Nightjars etc.

 Getting there


Situated in the lap of the Arravali Hills, 35 km from Alwar in north-east Rajasthan.



249 km south-west of Delhi, 110 km north-east of Jaipur and 38 km from Alwar.

 Fast Facts
Name Sariska National Park Best Time To Visit November to March
Location Alwar   Rajasthan   West   India   Best Sighing April to June
Open From 2010-11-01  To 2011-06-30 Type National Park
Temperature Summar   38°-44°      Winter   2°-8°      Rainy   26°-35°
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