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India >> Rajasthan >> Jaipur >> Sanganer - The craft citadel
Sanganer - The craft citadel Jaipur, Rajasthan  More Images
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Sanganer, located at a distance of 16 kms from Jaipur on the Tonk road is world renowned for its hand made paper, hand block printed textiles and blue pottery. Having received the recognition of geographical indicator for these industries, Sanganer forms a major part of excursion from Jaipur and Delhi. On the way to Sanganer, you get to drive past two of the four (originally five)  massive Tripolias (Triple Gateways) forming the entrances to the city. Sanganer also boasts of magnificent palace ruins and Jain Temples, which are carved with amazing refinement.


Sanganer prints are distinct and one of a kind, for example patterns in bright colors are always printed on white backgrounds and traditional small floral prints form the specialty of Sanganer block printers. Also every block printing house have their own secret techniques passed down from generations for creating the block moulds, their designs, sequencing and the dyeing processes and observing the hand block printers making lovely patterns on fabrics with block-prints, will definitely please any visitor unbestknown to these amazing art forms.


The town of Sanganer is also well known as the largest center for the handmade paper industry. It manufactures the supreme quality of handmade papers. The artisans of handmade paper are known as 'Kagazis'. Actually, the handmade paper industry began with the idea of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II of Jaipur in 1728. In the present day, there are around 10 handmade paper industries in Sanganer. Apart from the paper industry, one can discover medieval remains, primeval temples and deep cultural roots in Sanganer.


Sanganer is also world famous for its blue pottery. The Persian Art of blue pottery came to sanganer from Persia and Afghanistan via Mughal Courts. Blue Pottery is made from quartz and not clay. Materials that are used include quartz, raw glaze, sodium sulphate, and multani mitti (fuller's earth). Like pottery it is fired only once. The blue color or turquoise color is obtained by mixing crude copper oxide with salt or sugar in a kiln and then filtering it for use. The dark ultramarine color is obtained from cobalt oxide. The common motifs are inspired from Mughal era arabesque patterns, animal and bird motifs and beautifully decorated with the brush when the pot is rotated. The biggest advantage is that blue pottery does not develop any cracks, and blue pottery is also impervious, hygienic, and suitable for daily use.


Shri Digambar Jain Temple of Sanganer attracts the visitors with its fine carvings. This temple is often compared to the Dilwara Temples of Mount Abu. The temple is constructed in old architectural style, comprising sky-high 'shikhars' (Spires). The inner chamber has a stone shrine with three pinnacles, which shelters the idol of Parshwanath with 7 serpent hoods. The beauty of the temple cannot be described in words.


One is required to visit the place to feel and praise the magnificence of this temple. The Sanganer Fort too forms a major tourist attraction. Though in ruins people still find charm in the wonderful interiors of this fort. Sanganer is a nice place to visit and admire the cultural roots of Indian heritage.


The city of Sanganer was originally encircled by a perimeter wall with five tripolia gates, namely, Dausa gate, Jaipur gate, Diggi gate, Chaksu gate and Tripolia gate.Although most parts of these structures have disappeared, the gates and some sections of the original wall still play hide and seek evoking an ancient city’s charm. The Sanganer fort although mostly in ruins can still be visited for its delightful interiors. Among the many temples in Sanganer, the Digamber Jain temple is the most popular, a must visit. Another interesting temple in close proximity is the Sanga baba mandir, built in-between the tripolia gate. Apart from these one must definitely visit the centres of traditional arts and crafts in Sanganer like the Kagzi mohallah famous for skilled artisans who create exotic handmade paper that is sought after world over. Also spread throughout the city are showrooms and factories of hand block printing and blue pottery. One can get mesmerized by all the hues and sparkles of all the resplendent articles on display here.


 Getting there



Sanganer is located at a distance of 16 kms on the Tonk road, from Jaipur the capital of the state of Rajasthan. It is very close to the Sanganer airport.



16 kms from Jaipur city, 270 kms from Delhi, closest to Jaipur airport.

 Fast Facts
Name Sanganer - The craft citadel Best Time To Visit October to March
Location Jaipur   Rajasthan   West   India  
Open From 0000-00-00  To 0000-00-00 Type town with world famous rural industries.
Temperature Summar   45c-25c      Winter   22c-5c      Rainy   40c-32c
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