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The origin of ancient Polo is debatable, but perhaps this aristocratic game of strength and the skilled horsemanship was first played in the Persian Empire (modern day Iran) which dates back to the 1st century AD.

In India, Polo or the “game of kings” was popularized and patronized by the Mougal ruler Babar, founder of the Moughal dynasty in the 15th century.  During the Moughal rule, Polo gained its regal status and was firmly established as the royal sport in India, but eventually with the decline of the dynasty in the 18th century, the sport too lost its glitter and was forgotten by the subjects largely. 

Fortunately, in the remote regions of Gilgit, Ladakh and Manipur, the sport survived and it was in Manipur, many decades later that the sport was rediscovered, as the princes of the Tibeto-Burman kingdom of Manipur (now a state in India) in the Southeastern Himalaya, played the game while they were in exile in India sometime between 1819 and 1826. From then on, the popularity of the sport caught on and the British subjects in India eventually took the sport to Europe. Once imported to Europe, Polo soon became a fashionable sport, especially among the nobilities and in the army.

The first polo club was established in the town of Silchar in Assam, India, in 1834. The oldest polo ground in the world is the Imphal Polo Ground in Manipur State established by the British in India. The oldest royal polo square is the 16th century Gilgit Polo Field, Pakistan, while the highest polo ground in the world is on the Deosai Plateau Baltistan, Pakistan at 4307 meters (14,000 ft). The oldest polo club in the world still in existence is the Calcutta Polo Club (1862).

Polo is now a popular sport, played in around 80 countries, and although its tenure as an Olympic sport was limited to 1900–1939, in 1998 the International Olympic Committee recognized it as a sport with a bona fide international governing body, the Federation of International Polo.

Indian polo has evolved much and in the right direction too since the times of Babar, who popularized the sport.  No longer is the sport confided to the royal bastion, it has come within the reach of any reasonably capable Indian. An increasing number of polo professionals are emerging on the Indian horizon. More and more sponsors are being drawn to the game like never before and the corporate version of Indian polo is unveiled. There are more than 30 Polo clubs and training centers spread all over India, catering to the needs of polo enthusiasts and the uninitiated alike. The future looks very promising for Indian polo.

We offer to workout polo holidays for our visitors. A holiday, which would bring an equine lover out and get trained under the hands of world class professionals. Just immerse yourself in polo classes to become a pro some day or else enjoy the horse back safaris, a wonderful way to explore the wilderness and the neighboring forts & palaces - galloping and trotting.