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  Personality and Soft Skill Development  Destinations 

Industrial excursion, Soft skill and Personality development program


Aims & Objectives of an Industrial visit


To aid faculty in the delivery of the curriculum

To help students fulfill certain curriculum requirements

To provide a unique opportunity for students to gain an insight into a working environment related to a subject area.

To help students develop their communication and inter-personal skills in the context of work.

To help businesses promote their line of work.


Personality & Soft Skills Development

Also, these excursions provide an extremely powerful medium for training students in new skills or helping them to improve old ones, largely because outdoor learning is experiential in nature. Experiential learning has evolved to provide effective means for people to continue to learn and develop throughout life. So experiential learning is a natural and constant life process on which all-developmental training, particularly personality and soft skill aims to capitalize.


In our program, students are encouraged to experiment, try new behaviors and draw their own conclusions. Theories appropriate to the situation are then presented to them to help them develop frameworks to fit their own unique requirements and environments.


Benefits for Participants

Since the objective of such a program is to focus on Work environment, Personality & skill development, Teamwork, Leadership and Interpersonal Skills Management, the program would provide ample opportunity for the participants to understand its importance and turn out a better personality. It helps the students appreciate the changes they will encounter later in life.  The program will also provide an insight to behavior patterns of the self in different situations, will help in overcoming areas of concern or weaknesses and provide a platform for all-round development of the personality.  Exposing them to an alien environment can identify the strengths and weaknesses of both the individual and the team.



We specialize in tailoring solutions to suit the specific needs of your institution. The most common concern for these excursions is to provide a direct feel of the working environment and the development of personality through experiential learning; also we have programs dealing with leadership, communication, performance and soft skill development.

Courses range from half a day to five-day programs and we are capable to design and facilitate programs for 2 to 200 (or more) participants. Our own facilitators are trained and experienced in a variety of fields, including management, adult education and psychology.