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  Outdoors Learning Program for Schools  Destinations 
The outdoors transforms children in definite ways. Outdoors provide experiential learning through activities which are designed for psychological treatment and education. These activities constantly pose challenges which have apparent psychological barriers, generating a level of anxiety and are significant in eliciting desired behavioral changes. Outdoors has potential to rejuvenate a child and stir his/her soul. It encourages initiative, rewards innovation and enhances self-assurance. It builds confidence and develops character. It brings out from with in the all-important decision-making and leadership qualities. It trains them to take the bull by horn. It is an amazing opportunity that helps children mature.

Also,outdoors promote love, understanding, appreciation and conservation of culture and environment.It offers a rare opportunity to be in nature first hand and develop a heart felt desire to love and conserve it. .

We work in close association with parents and collaborating schools to build a sound and common understanding to put into action the following principals and get the wonderful results
  • To make the child’s latent capability, the driving force.
  • To use real situations and activities to encourage and promote true understanding and involvement.
  • To develop a complete human being. An individual, with intellectually, emotionally and spiritually developed brain and a nourished and healthy body.
  • To find, train, inspire and involve parents and teachers who love children and care to spend time with them as friends.
  • A child should always be attached equally to and concerned for parents, school, community and the world. Children should always be proud of their culture and appreciative of their natural environment.


At camps, children are exposed to an unfamiliar environment, they learn to familiarize themselves to the this environment and situation gradually by reacting confidently and positively, which is a crucial and latent skill-set and is learnt through real situations they come across and activities they do at camp. Here they get a chance to be and act on their own, think without help, take decisions and jump and feel triumphant at their achievements. Its freedom, freedom to think and act independently. They strive hard to measure up to the high standards of performance and behavior they set at camp, in their routine life also.

 Confidence Building

At camps, children are put to perform unfamiliar task, and task after task and are required to succeed too, this basically instills an element of confidence for accomplishing the unfamiliar tasks, and accomplishing them independently in given time frame ups. The inherent negative response towards any unfamiliar task now gets replaced with a new zeal to take risk and to look at any unfamiliar task as a challenge. For a confident child, risk taking is not a brash rebellious attitude, but a positive and calculated technique for survival.

At camps, children are deliberately put to such situations where they are required to grab the initiative and be responsible for themselves and their colleagues. It teaches them to be responsible and take accountability from others. A Leader is known by his ability to assess a situation and take control before things get out of control.

 Effective Communication
At camps, the participants are exposed to an atmosphere, conducive for interactions and are taught the basic skills, very useful for effective communication, a communication that is meaningful, to the point and makes sense. The attempt is to make the child speak without fear, speak original and speak sense. A child should possess the ability to understand others and make others understand him / her, an essential asset for a dynamic personality.

 Nature Appreciation And Conservation

All our campsites are in the lap of nature and in pure wilderness. Each camp location is habitat specific and campers get a chance to feel, understand and study these eco-systems.

 Complete Being

At camps, when children work up a healthy sweat in the greens around, they breath the purest of air, which in turn increases the intake of oxygen in the body, resulting in the fitness level and a stirred up soul. They start loving and taking interest in outdoor activities, which is the most exciting and enjoyable way to develop and maintain an enviable degree of fitness.

 Fun, Frolic & Friends

At camps, there can never be a dull moment; fun and learning go hand in hand. Children get a chance to be in nature first hand and unravel the mysteries of it. They make new friends, develop interesting hobbies, learn different cultures, inculcate concern for conservation of nature and just have a great time. Come! Nature beckons you.

 The Blueprint & Activities
Outdoor learning camps are a 1, 2, 4 & 8 day’s experience, specially crafted for school children in the age group of 9 to 15. It focuses, primarily on imparting nature education to children and at the same time developing new skills, character and personality. The program instills confidence and brings a change in the attitude through an engaging routine of various activities at camp.

At camp, it’s a whole new world for children arriving from urban confines; a strange feeling on being received by the Mother Nature overwhelms them. The excitement adds up every passing movement as they learn to stay, enjoy and unravel the mysteries of an unfamiliar environment, with more affinity.

The camp curriculum is pivotal to activities like Outdoor survival, Wilderness backpacking, Nature walk, Trekking, Rock climbing, Rappelling, Farming & Bird watching, aim at getting hold of skills. Other minor activities like Music, Dramatics, Astronomy, Archery, Marksmanship, Map reading, Recycling, Photography, Cooking and Painting aim at sparking interest and widening the knowledge base. The activities are meticulously interwoven and take children through the phase of self-discovery and help them uncover – communication, conviction, compassion, cooperation and achievement.


Lodging:   All camping locations have comfortable accommodation in Normal / Swiss alpine tents or in cottages. Lodging is hygienic and available to accommodate 2 to 8 persons per unit and each unit has cots with comfortable bedding and clean linen, table and Lantern.
Food:   We have complete functional kitchens at all our camping locations and expert staff to serve you with hot, nutritious and tasty meals apart from all the cups of tea / coffee / juice the campers might demand. The supplies of food materials are ensured from the local farms and nearby places only.

Sanitation:    The bathrooms have running water and the toilets are dry pit toilets. The commodes are commodious and as convenient as being at home. For privacy the designated sanitation facilities for men and women are in separate enclosures.

 Safety & Safety Checks
Safety always comes first at camp and we have all the necessary arrangements for excellent safety. Our focus is on safety, followed by learning and fun. While we are proud of our record, we never let ourselves get complacent.

As people who enjoy the great gift that nature has bestowed upon us, we understand and respect nature. We take our individual and collective responsibilities very seriously. Our first commitment is to the physical, psychological and emotional safety of every participant, staff member and ourselves. We take all possible measures to provide a safe experience and create an environment where people feel free to enjoy pristine nature and test their physical and mental limits.
We have three tiers of safety built into our programs:
  • Safety while indulging in outdoor activities
  • Safety at the camp.
  • Safety while traveling.
Each one of these aspects is addressed individually to put together a comprehensive safety program.

The Team
All the camp team members looking after the program are qualified and experienced professionals drawn from respective fields like sports, adventure, behavioral science, education and management, they have the best credentials to prove their caliber. They are the individuals with sense, knowledge, humor, and guts and off course a jovial disposition