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  Outbound Corporate Training  Destinations 

It is well established that the outbound has the potential to transform individuals / groups in many ways. By constantly throwing up new challenges, the outbound provides an inspirational and educational experience. It encourages enterprise, rewards innovation and enhances self-belief. We strongly believe that individuals / groups realize their true potential in an environment where nature is their habitat.
The outbound provides an extremely powerful medium for training individuals / groups in new skills or helping them to improve old ones, largely because outbound learning is experiential in nature. Experiential learning has evolved to provide effective means for people to continue to learn and develop throughout life. This experimental frame of mind is more receptive to new ideas and breaking the old moulds often needed to train teams on new skills and renewed approach to their work. 
Besides skill development, these camps offer a rare opportunity to be in nature first hand and develop a heart felt desire to love and conserve it.

Benefits for Participants

The benefits of outbound training are manifold. Since the objective of this program is to focus on Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills Management, the program provides ample opportunity for the participants to understand its importance and develop better relationships. It helps the participants appreciate the changes they will encounter later in life.  The program also provides an insight to behavior patterns of the self in different situations; it helps in overcoming areas of concern or weaknesses and provides a platform for all-round development of the personality. 
The outbound team-building and leadership development programs facilitate situation management in the field, a powerful equivalent to the corporate work environment. Corporate camping is fast developing as one of the most sought after and effective tools for developing individual skills in the corporate teams. The strengths and weaknesses of both the individual and the team can be identified by exposing them to an alien environment.

Exposure to the outbound offers unwinding from the routine tensions and automatically nurtures a respect, even awe, for nature, and opens up minds to the need for conservation. The beautiful camp-sites act as distinct locations for meetings and conferences, open air discussions in the forest, briefing at the lakeside, workshops on meadows facing the mountains and debates around a campfire, all provide an experience altogether different to the corporate environment. It helps in offering a more informal and productive interaction among the professionals.

The various locations can be among the hills, trees, lakes, forests, wildlife and villages that form the base for the designed workshops. The training structure includes a pre-training needs assessment and an extensive post-training follow-up to synthesize the learning experience for maximum and sustained impact. 


We specialize in tailoring solutions to suit the specific needs of your institution / organization. The most common concern for outbound training programs is team building, but we have programs dealing with leadership, communication, performance and personality development too. Effective tools to achieve all this and much more, are activities like Wilderness backpacking, Camp fire, Nature walk, Birding, Trekking, Mountaineering, River rafting, Mountain biking, High and low rope courses, Rock climbing, Rappelling, Rifle shooting, Archery and hundreds of group games.