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Mountaineering is a high adrenalin sport and a passion for those love scaling new heights. Mountaineering requires a very high fitness level and skill that may not be necessary for other adventure sports. To climb mountains one needs to be in very strong mental health, as well as physically fit and well equipped to face all the challenges that mountains pose to a mountaineer. In short mountaineering is an art that requires skill, strength and stamina.

Mountaineering in India was introduced by the Europeans in the 18th century as it was the time when new regions were either explored or conquered. Mountaineering as an adventure sport at this time was just evolving. But later on, mountaineering became a serious business and man's quest to conquer new heights took him close to many high peaks around the world. This quest for challenging the might of mountains and the curiosity to explore what lies in the upper reaches of snow capped peaks has virtually made man a conqueror. Today there is hardly any mountain or peak left in the world that has not been scaled.

Mountaineering is not something new in India as the rich and some of the highest altitudinal ranges has been inviting and challenging climbers from all over the world. The Himalayas that stretch from north-west of India to far north-east offers a number of high rise peaks that are considered ideal for mountaineering. Some of the wonderful places for mountaineering in India are Leh Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir, Garhwal and Kumaon Himalayas in Uttarakhand, Kullu valley and Lahul Spiti in Himachal Pradesh, and Sikkim and some other parts of north-eastern region.

Mountaineering in India has come of age and moreover has become almost very institutional in approach. Almost all the hill states of Indian union boast of some training institute to provide advance training to the aspirants for a proper indulgence in this sport. And finally, as a word of caution, a well chalked out and well rehearsed mountaineering expedition should only be attempted under the trained and authorized experts. We offer to work out an immaculate mountaineering expedition for you to get going for an up-hill challenge.