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India >> West >> Maharashtra >> Melghat - Tiger Reserve
Melghat - Tiger Reserve Maharashtra, West
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Melghat Tiger Reserve lies at the northern extreme of the Amravati District on the border of Madhya Pradesh, in the southwestern Satpura mountain ranges of Central India. The high ridge running East-West which has highest point at Vairat (1178 mts above MSL) forms the South Western boundary of the Reserve.


It is a prime habitat of Tiger. The forest is Tropical Dry Deciduous in nature, dominated by Teak (Tectona grandis). The area is catchment to the five major rivers viz Khandu, Khapra, Sipna, Gadga and Dolar, all of which are tributaries of the river Tapti. The North-Eastern boundary of the Reserve is marked by River Tapti. Melghat is prime biodiversity repository of the Maharashtra State.


Nature has offered protection to Melghat in the form of rugged topography with only few entry points. The Makhala, Chikhaldara, Chiladari, Patulda and Gugamal are the large plateau amidst rugged terrain.Continuity of forests in Satpura Hill Range guarantees long term conservation potential of the area.


Melghat was declared a Tiger Reserve and was among the first nine Tiger Reserves notified in 1973-74 under the Project Tiger. As a whole Melghat encompasses an area of 1676.93 sq. km. The core area of the Reserve, the Gugarnal National Park with an area of 361.28 sq. km. and buffer area of the Reserve, the Melghat Tiger Sanctuary with an area of 788.28 sq. km. (of which 21.39 sq. km. is non-forest) were together re-notified by the state government in 1994 as Melghat Sanctuary.



The drive to Melghat from Badnera, the nearest railhead, is simply serene. Melghat means 'meeting of the ghats' which is just what the area is, the large tract of endless hills and ravines scarred by jagged cliffs and steep climbs along with the dense virgin confines of the forest with thick undergrowth and moss-covered trees are inviting and irresistible.


Melghat is remote and tucked deep into hills way away from civilisation. Apart from a jungle safari, the other option is to opt for treks or long walks through the tall scented grass. Its a pleasure to wander along the jungle paths during the winters with thousands of birds for company and summers, when you may chance upon his majesty, the tiger.


Two state highways Paratwada to Burhanpur and Akot to Harsil pass through the reserve. Semadoh is the entry point if one is coming via the Paratwada-Dharni State Highway while Harisal is the other entry point if one is traveling from Madhya Pradesh.  Semadoh, 12 km east of Kolkas Guest House is the starting point for safaris and trekking, a place where all necessary prerequisite formalities are taken care.


Melghat home to both the tiger and the culturally vibrant Korku tribe calls for a beautiful sojourn into wilderness, capture the mood and colours of nature with the change of seasons.



Chikhaldara is the only hill station, about an hours drive from Melghat. It is situated at an altitude of 1,118 mts. is the only coffee-growing area in Maharashtra. It is a beautiful countryside full of deep valleys shrouded in velvet mist and dense cover of tall trees. The amazing range of wildlife, splendid viewpoints, placid lakes and beautiful waterfalls makes this locale a perfect site for summer retreat


The nearby Gavilgarh Fort has a large gateway called the Bara Darwaza, the main entry point of fort.


Bhimkund a 5 km long drive from Chikaldhara, is a scenic places with a spectacular view of waterfalls that cascades during the rainy season.


 Getting there

Location and Distance

Located in Amravati district of Maharashtra 760 km northeast of Mumbai and 225 km west of Nagpur.

 Fast Facts
Name Melghat - Tiger Reserve Best Time To Visit October to June
Location Maharashtra   West   India   Destination  
Open From 0000-00-00  To 0000-00-00 Type Tiger Reserve
Temperature Summar   35-40C      Winter   15-20C      Rainy   28-34C
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