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India >> West >> Maharashtra >> Karjat
Karjat Maharashtra, West
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Karjat is a city on the banks of River Ulhas, a Municipal Council, in Raigad district in Maharashtra. It is situated at the point where; mountainous region begins spanning over the Bhor ghat, Sahyadris and Western Ghats, and the coastal plains of the Konkan ends near the Deccan.


It is picturesque location cloaked in luxuriant green and a rich terrain with vast stretches of paddy fields. On bright sunny days one gets a glimpse of the magnificent distant hills, its rugged steep cliffs, the gentle spurs and the plateaus -weathered by wind and rain, scarred and gaping at places due to stone quarrying that mars its majestic beauty. The monsoon casts its magical spell, when myriads of cascading waterfalls and rivulets gush through the verdant hills dramatically metamorphosing the region into a wondrous scenic spot.


Karjat is a fabulous and exciting destination for weekend holidays, picnics, while its unspoiled acres invite scenic exploration via river rafting, trekking, hiking, and mountain climbing. It is a favoured destination during rainy season.



Karjat with its natural beauty and wide open spaces is home to grand adventure. A city that proposes heaps of activities to get your adrenaline pumping.


The upper reaches of the Ulhas River is ideally suited to go white water rafting during the monsoon (between July to September). The put-in point is at village Kondana, 15 km from Karjat. The nerve tingling rafting adventure highly depends on the mercy of rain god, showering generous deluge from the heavens above.


The hilly terrain and undulating slopes makes Karjat a trekkers delight. It offers plenty of trails, the pick is yours - from medium to arduous, depending on the determination and energy levels. The three major trekking trail leads to Matheran via Rambagh point, Peth Fort, and Chanderi Fort.


Peth is unique with its distinct shape of an inverted funnel. The path to the Peth Fort is a sheer climb to the apex through a stone staircase midway- the only way to the top. The ruins at the summit are a reminder of the past when the fort was used a ammunition dump and surveillance post. From here you get an amazing view of Western Ghats, Matheran ranges and the foothills below.


Ulhas valley with the large babbling streams of the Ulhas River can be seen from a great distance sparkling in the golden rays of the sun. During the monsoon the view is breathtaking; the streams swell and surge forward with great velocity cascading into waterfalls that gushes through the lush emerald valley. There are a series of railway tunnels which makes the journey by rail interesting and assists in the smooth passage of rail traffic through the valley.


Bhor Ghat is a picturesque spot. It is well known for its spectacular surrounding- the dense woods, pristine lakes, beautiful waterfalls and enchanting views of the town below. It too has its historical significance. The Ghat was important in the past being on the ancient trade route connecting the ports at Choul, Revdanda, Panvel and more on the Konkan coast and the hinterland on the Deccan plateau.


Kondana caves are famous rock cut caves in the Buddhist style of architecture, dating back to the 2nd century BC. These cave monasteries offer a study of an ancient lifestyle of Buddhist followers along with its sculptures, vihara, chaityas and stupas. It is said that an earthquake in the early 1900's damaged several stupas, the main entrance and the floor of the caves. But what remains intact and so welcoming is the beautiful Chaitya of the bygone era.


Bhimashankar is a famous pilgrimage site with one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. The beautiful stone temple perched at an elevation of 3296 ft, is situated in the village of Bhavagiri at the end of the Sahyadri range.


The abounding wilderness- the lofty mountain ranges, the dense forests and the source of River Bhima has made Bhimashankar a major trekking destination. The Bhimashankar Sanctuary is a home to various species of birds, animals, and a variety of flora.


It is an ideal place to revel in spiritual bliss and nature!


 Getting there

Location and Distance

88 km northeast of Mumbai.

 Fast Facts
Name Karjat Best Time To Visit June to February
Location Maharashtra   West   India   Destination  
Open From 0000-00-00  To 0000-00-00 Type Hill Station
Temperature Summar   32-37C      Winter   13-18C      Rainy   28-34C
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