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India >> Rajasthan >> Karauli >> Karauli - The Holy Town
Karauli - The Holy Town Karauli, Rajasthan
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Karauli is a picturesque old fortified town in eastern Rajasthan. This former erstwhile princely state has a fascinating blend of history and mythology. It is one of the holiest towns in Rajasthan with almost 300 temples to its credit.


Karauli, is famous for its pale red sandstone and some old noteworthy monuments like City Palace, temples of Kaila Devi, Madan Mohanji besides many others. Apart from exploring the rambling countryside with its hills and ravines laden with hidden secrets of the bygone days; the Kaila Devi game sanctuary an extension of the Ranthambore National Park  with its hundred feet deep gorges, a rich dense forest giving shelter to many wild animals, offers excellent opportunities for jeep safaris.


This historic town, a land of the mighty warriors has much more to offer than the palace, temples and the sanctuary; the major attractions are the  socio-religious events- the vibrant festivals and grand fairs, much sought after for their associated revelry and zest. A visit to the local bazaar is a must, the exclusive collection of colourful bangles of Karauli and other beautiful handicraft items on display are simply fascinating.



The holy town of Karauli dates back to1348AD founded by Raja Arjun Pal, a Yaduvanshi Rajput, was earlier named Kalyanpur after the local deity Kalyanji. It is naturally defended by ravines on the north and east and well fortified by red stone ramparts strengthened by numerous bastions with six gates and twelve posterns positioned at various strategic points. Through the centuries the wall has withstood the ravages of nature; it still stands tall though some sections are in urgent need of repairs.


Legend has it that this princely state was founded in 995AD by Raja Bijai Pal, a Yadav (Jadon) ruler; supposedly the 88th descendant of Lord Krishna, one of the most loved god of Hindu mythology. This clan of rajputs are Chandravanshi i.e. descendants of the moon; occupying the coveted topmost position in the hierarchy of Yaduvanshi Rajputs. However, very little is known of their early history, it was never a glorious empire, the state was long a fief in Jaipur state until the Honourable East India Company chose, in the early 19th century, to recognise Karauli as being an independent principality. In 1818, Karauli was made part of the Rajputana Agency.


Althouh the walled city does not boast of a prosperous past, yet it remains an unpolished gem in Rajasthan’s map, one that a traveller will always be delighted to discover.


Way off the tourist track lies a remote ancient town by the river Bhadrawati, a devotional city, a blend of warm royal hospitality, a serene rural environment that is Karauli, your new destination in Rajasthan. The City Palace, former estate of the maharaja (king) of the region has its own charm and splendour. It can be approached via the Ganesh gate, down a narrow road through an over crowed bazaar There is barely anything left of the 14th century palace.  The spectacularly decorated red sandstone building that one sees today was erected in the 18th century by Raja Gopal Singh adopting the colonial style of architecture. Interiors are a convoluted series of rooms connected by archways and steep staircases, all done in brightly colored paintings, intricate lattice work, beautiful mosaic and elaborate ornamented stucco work and frescoes.  Though parts of the palace have been pillaged, its beauty still prevails. Next to the palace is the temple of Madan Mohanji, where thousands of worshippers pray and receive blessings in front of a 5-foot statue of the lord Krishna.


Timan Garh

The famous historical Timangarh Fort with a splendid view of the Sagar lake is almost 40 km away from the town of Karauli . It was built around 1100AD by King a powerful ruler. An attack led to its destruction, was restored in 1244AD by King Timanpal of Bayana. The fort is renowned for it’s collection of ancient ashtadhatu (eight metals) and stone idol carvings. The amazing art work visible on the temple yards and walls depicting both religious and geometrical themes are examples of the expertise that prevailed in the region.


The Fort stands witness to the innumerable dips the local villagers have dived into the Sagar with great hopes of finding  the Paras (the wishing stone) stone believed to be sunk at the bottom of the lake,


Amargarh fort

The 250 year old Amargarh Fort named after its builder Raja Amar Mal, sits atop a hill overlooking the village of Amargarh with a panoramic view of the distant mountains and green fields. This royal and historic fort belonging to the Jadon Rajputs of Karauli  has been restored and conserved by its aristocratic descendants. The fort retains its age old history, legend and grandeur although it has been converted into a hotel. Beautifully designed and richly decorated with a touch of serenity makes it an ideal place to relax and enjoy.


Mandrayal (Mandrael) fort

Mandrayal is the main town of Karauli district better known for joining the states of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. The fort stands tall on a hill top, a solitary citadel looming in the horizon, encircled by the Mandryal town and a handful of small hamlets. From Ganesh Gate, the fort is a demanding 10-minute climb.


The Chambal Ghat is just 10 kms from the town, the narrow winding roads through the not so famous Chambal ravines ends up on the Chambal river bank about 35kms away, and an interesting jaunt for a Crocodile safari. After 13 km long trek from Mandrayal along the route to Rau Ghat one gets a spectacular view of the gushing Chambal River transforms into a cascading waterfall.


Fairs and festivals

The holy city is well known for its three major fairs.The bi-annual religious fairs of Kailadevi  are held in the Kaila Devi temple at village Kaila 23 kms away in the hills of Trikut. These festivals/ fairs are held in the month of Chaitra (March - April, the biggest and lasts for a fortnight, while the other is in Sept - Oct. A big Cattle fair is held for a week in the month of Phalguna (February-March), where camels, horses and buffaloes are sold. At a later stage this fair see an interesting change in scenario, the wares that are traded ranges from spices, handicrafts items and a variety of household goods.

 Getting there


Situated on the banks of river Bhadrawati, with Jaipur, Bharatpur and Gwalior as its neighbours.


180 km southeast of Jaipur.

 Fast Facts
Name Karauli - The Holy Town Best Time To Visit October to March
Location Karauli   Rajasthan   West   India  
Open From 0000-00-00  To 0000-00-00 Type Historic City
Temperature Summar   38-44°C      Winter   4-10°C      Rainy   30-35°C
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