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India >> Rajasthan >> Sikar >> Jeen Mata and Harsh
Jeen Mata and Harsh Sikar, Rajasthan
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Jeen and Harsha are mentioned as sister and brother in the folk literature and stories of their mutual affection and sacrifice are very popular in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan.


Harsha is a small village situated 14 km south-east of Sikar, in Rajasthan. It is an ancient village at the base of a hill on which Harshanatha and other temples are located. Harsha is known for its famous Shiva temple dating back to the Chauhan period. There are several temples at Harsha, chief among them being the Harsha temple. From the inscription found at the sanctum of the temple, it is evident that it was built by the Chauhan ruler of Ajmer, Vigrahraj and several changes were made in the temple with the passage of time. Although the temple is now in ruins, one can easily make out that it was once quite unique. The architectural display of the old temple is breath taking.


There is a popular mythological belief which has come down to people through the centuries that in a village Ghoghu of Churu, King Ghangh loved and married an Apsara (nymph) on the condition that he would not visit her palace without prior information. King Ghangh got a son called Harsha and a daughter Jeen. Afterwards she again conceived but as chance would have it king Ghangh went to her palace without prior intimation and thus violated solemn vow he had made to the Apsara. Instantly she left the king and fled away with her son Harsha and daughter Jeen whom she abandoned at the place where presently the temple stands at place known as Jeenmata. The two children here practiced extreme asceticism. Later a Chauhan ruler built the temple at that place.


Goddess Jeen Mata is Devi herself, the very embodiment of divine cosmic power. The deity is Mahishasura Mardini Durga having eight arms. The miraculous deity fulfills the wishes of her devotees. Whosoever acts unholy in the temple precincts is punished with a divine retribution. Here Jeen Mata is worshipped in her eight-armed form. The temple has been constructed in the style of architecture adopted by Pratihar and Chauhan clans of Rajputs. There are twenty four pillars with panels of figures finely carved on them. The main temple has a very high Shikhar (Pinnacle) in the midst. Lakh of devotees congregate here every year in April- May (Chaitra Navaratra) during the Jeen Mata fair.


It is also believed that the Pandavas during their exile from Hastinapur came to the thick forests of this place where they spent their period here incognito.


Besides the religious fervor the place holds for thousands of devotees, the region is bestowed with the amazing bounty of the nature, as well. Nestled amongst the high Arawali hills, the pristine surroundings lend this region a sacred and natural grace of serenity and lush green vegetation with fauna and flora.


Harsh at an altitude of 554 meters stands as the second highest peak of Rajasthan after the Guru Shikhar at Mt. Abu. The vast wetland of “Rehwasa” is yet another attraction for nature lovers here, as this lake attracts number of waders and migratory birds and thus is an excellent birding site and very less explored. It is one of the unique habitats in Rajasthan which has almost every natural wonder to offer to its visitors, from hills to planes, valley to wetlands, and dunes to green pastures, amazing by any standards.

 Getting there

Location & Distance

Jeen Mata is situated in Sikar 29 km off the Jaipur – Bikaner National Highway and Harsh is situated 14 km south-east of Sikar, in Rajasthan.


Sikar is 110 Km north-west of Jaipur.

 Fast Facts
Name Jeen Mata and Harsh Best Time To Visit October to March
Location Sikar   Rajasthan   West   India  
Open From 2010-08-15  To 2011-08-15 Type Unique habitat and Religious place
Temperature Summar   38°-42°      Winter   0°-8°      Rainy   25°-32°
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