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India >> North >> Himachal Pradesh >> Dalhousie
Dalhousie Himachal Pradesh, North
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Dalhousie is a quiet hill station, popular with travellers looking for solitude and serene ambience. This pleasant town in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh, was founded in 1854 by Lord Dalhousie, the British Viceroy in India, as a summer retreat for the British troops and bureaucrats, subsequently the town was named after him.


Built on and around five little hills towards the western edge of the Dhauladar range, the encompassing verdant hills have a dense growth of ban oak, rhododendron, pine and deodar (cedar) tress, and a large variety of shrubbery.


Though Dalhousie unflatteringly labelled Dull and Lousy, failed to gain the kind of affection Shimla or Darjeeling did from the rest of India, is enveloped in an old charm, an excellent place to de-stress, relax and reinvigorate and an intrepid traveller can make his or her own private discovery.


While in the hills there is never a dull moment and the same goes for Dalhousie. Walks along the three Malls and woody loops down Potreyn Road, Bakrota, Moti tibba Hills, are fascinating and nowhere near dull. There are several places of interest,  as many as five churches, some British-style country houses converted into hotels, a cemetery spread over nine terraces and several colourful frescos painted by the very first Tibetan immigrants.


Life here converges and revolves around the GPO all the shops, hotels and eateries around it. While in this town walk, explore and shop, ideal place for picnics, fantastic for treks and nights are for star gazing, as per some on a clear night you can spot Lahore across the border.



Dalhousie begs to be visited on foot. Terah (better known as Moti Tibba) and Potreyn hills from the central part of the town, and this is where the bus and taxi stands and most of the eateries are situated.


Of the five stately churches, Dalhousies oldest is dedicated to St John and is situated near the GPO. The best preserved church in Dalhousie, however, is the one attached to Sacred Heart School.


A trip to Satdhara and Panchpullah is a must do while at Dalhousie. Satdhara, the confluence of seven tiny streams is said to have therapeutic yproperties. Panchpulla, so named after five wooden bridges that once existed, is an ideal spot to go on treks. A comparatively easy trek of a km ahead of this place brings you in close proximity to two splendid water falls.



Khajjiar is a forest glade of immense beauty, situated at an elevation of 6,430 ft, was originally developed as a golf course during the colonisation by the British. Now this lush expansive meadow near Dalhousie is a picnickers delight. There is an ancient temple dedicated to Khaji Nag, after which it gets its name.  From here trekkers can set forth on two days trek to Dharamsala.  With its beautiful meadowy look, the lake, a floating island and horse-riding makes Khajjiar an excellent destination in its own right.

 Getting there

Location / Distance


In north-western region of Himachal Pradesh, 90 km from Pathankot.

 Fast Facts
Name Dalhousie Best Time To Visit Throughout the year
Location Himachal Pradesh   North   India   Destination  
Open From 0000-00-00  To 0000-00-00 Type Hill Station
Temperature Summar   25-30C      Winter   -10-10C      Rainy   18-22C
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