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At this magnificent land, nearly five thousand years back flourished one of the world’s oldest and major civilizations, along the Indus River valley. The land, where the all-important books of Hinduism, the Vedas were compiled. The land, where the Buddhist, the Jain and the Sikh religions were founded. The Christianity, Jewish and Islam also arrived and amalgamated. Arrival of Europeans - Portuguese, French, Dutch, Danish and British added yet another color to its cultural collage.

The rich Indian culture actually is a legacy which for thousands of years has been percolating down the blood streams of the people of this culturally vibrant nation. There is perhaps no phenomenon as complex as ‘culture’ and Indian culture is no easy composite of varying styles and influences. Also the culture is not only a matter of customs, traditions, music, dance, art, craft and cinema, there is more to it - its people, their attitude, their every day life, depth of relations, tolerance, sensitivities, emotions and other such elements which go on to constitute and reflect the richness of any culture and the Indian culture truly epitomizes this.
Culture and heritage has a tremendous backward linkage and the journey not only takes us to the places or famous ruins for a visit merely, it transforms us into that era, and whispers in our mind the personality types of those who made a day gone by, worth preserving and cherishing.
The Indian culture and heritage is respected and admired the world over. It is too big a façade to fit in to our computer screens and neither can it be made to understand through prologues. It has to be lived to understand it. Through people, places, food, customs, festivals, rituals, music, dances and many more, we offer to take our guests on a wonderful journey to live the charm of this cultural kingdom.