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If you happened to be a hardcore adventure seeker and a culture connoisseur as well, than a must for you is a camel safari through the Thar desert the Great Indian Desert, one of the hottest (otherwise also) tourist destinations in the northwest of India, a battleground of a few fiercest battles, backdrop of many a legends in India, sprawled across the western extreme part of the state of Rajasthan in India, offering some very daunting sand zones of the world.

This is one adventure activity that puts your grit, determination and spinal trajectory on test. Of course one has options to opt an easier and less rigorous route around the pretty towns of this desert region, but the true challenge and excitement of a camel safari lies in doing it in the authentic fashion and taking the longer and more grueling safari that would take you all around the Thar Desert.

Besides offering the awesome view of the open desert sands, safaris are a great way of getting introduced to the villages and the wildlife. And as you travel through the desert, you will get a close glimpse of the rich culture, heritage and life styles of the colorful and royal state of Rajasthan. For what better way can there be of knowing about the people, than by actually being part of the activities and adventure of their lives? And as you undertake a similar journey, the easy pace of the safari will make it possible for you to observe and enjoy the minutest detail of the land of citadels, colors and charming crowds.

It is sure to be an unforgettable experience of true desert rural life and warm hospitality. So if you think of an adventure-cum-culture holiday in India, let us know. We will arrange for you a fantastic camel safari that is definitely sans any luxuries, but truly beats the thrill of anything else termed adventurous!