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India >> Rajasthan >> Bundi >> Bundi
Bundi Bundi, Rajasthan
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Bundi, an unexplored splendor but one which although isolated has a lot to offer, with amazing historical and cultural wealth was named after Bunda Meena, the chieftain of the Meena tribe that once inhabited the region. Bundi experienced its days of glory under the reign of the Hada Chauhans who founded the Hadoti state in the 12th century.


Home to many a magnificent palaces and imposing forts, Bundi has witnessed great battles and legendary tales of velour. Blessed by the bounty of nature, the land is bursting with sparkling rivers, lakes and spellbinding waterfalls. The verdant greenery of nature plays host to varied and rare flora and fauna. Bundi has inspired great painters, authors and artists. From Rabindranath Tagore to Rudyard Kipling to down the ages, Bundi has been a muse to them all. The kind of interest and awe that Bundi has traditionally generated among tourists is epitomized by Sir Rudyard Kipling's remark, “The Taragarh Fort must have been built by angels not by human beings".


Bundi School of Painting

A treat for art connoisseurs, the Bundi School of painting is a distinct and one of the most beautiful styles of Rajasthani miniature art. The most famous of the Bundi style is perhaps the Ragmala, a narrative portrayal in spectacular colour.


Bundi is one of the few places in India, which can lay its claim to an authentic School of Painting. "The Bundi School" is an important school of the Rajasthani style of Indian miniature painting that lasted from the 17th to the end of the 19th century in this princely state.


One of the earliest examples of the Bundi Paintings is the Chunar Ragamala painted in 1561. Bundi paintings emphasized on hunting, court scenes, festivals, processions, life of nobles, lovers, animals, birds and scenes from Lord Krishna's life.


The Bundi School had a close association with the Mughal style yet it was never fundamental to the evolution and growth of Bundi paintings, however the delicacy of the Mughal style was also not abandoned.


The Chitrashala, which is also known as the Ummed Mahal, is a part of the Garh Palace. It was built in the 18th Century, and forms a set of rooms on an elevated podium above the garden courtyard. The famous Chitra Shala in Bundi provides a colourful glimpse of history. The walls, ceiling of this palace are completely covered with paintings of the Bundi school which are still in very good condition. These splendid paintings in the Chitrashala are par excellence and can be compared with probably the best anywhere in the world.


Cave exploration with ‘Kukki The Cave Man’

Om Prakash Sharma alias Kukki hardly fits into the image of a professional archaeologist. A school drop-out, educated only until eighth grade, a barely literate grocer with a passion for the artifacts of yore who has brought the spectacular prehistoric wealth of Rajasthan’s Bundi district to the world map of archaeology. His work spanning two decades has even led to the discovery of an ancient civilization in the Hadauti region.


First he found the tools, coins and fossils then someone suggested he start looking for rock paintings. Since that time he's scoured every inch of the 130 km. of the Vindyachal mountains that run past Bundi and has discovered as many as 55 sites of rock paintings belonging to the Mesolithic-Chalcolithic age which provide a glimpse of the flora and fauna of the prehistoric era.


Fragments of prehistoric ostrich eggshells estimated to be 25,000 years old and earthen dice belonging to the Kushan period are the latest additions to the treasure trove of archaeological objects discovered in Bundi district of Rajasthan. The findings are set to throw a new light on the hoary past of the Hadauti region which is believed to have sustained an ancient civilisation.


Significantly, Kukki has never used his discoveries to make him richer. He has honestly deposited all the major artifacts with the Rajasthan government and donated his valuable finds to the government museums.



Bundi is a rustic but colorful town located in the south of Rajasthan, India’s largest state. There are lots of small tourist attractions in Bundi town itself, like Bundi Palace, Taragarh Fort, Shikar Burj, Jait Sagar Lake, Dhabai Kund, Nagar Sagar twin step wells and some 50 odd step wells to keep the visitor captivated.


Bundi has much more to offer! Perched majestically on the banks of shimmering Chambal, the temple of Keshoraipatan is nestled in an idyllic location against the backdrop of a blue sky. A visit during the months of January-February could well become a part of the bustling event of Kartik Purnima, when Keshoraipatan turns almost into mini-Pushkar for a couple of days.

A place full of natural beauties, Menal, 70 km on the Bundi-Chittaurgarh highway, is so pristine and inviting that one can enjoy a wonderful day, by wandering around the ancient Shiva temples, bathing in the picturesque waterfalls or simply having a trek in the dense jungles, before savoring the sizzling local eateries available nearby.


One can drive through many villages, past Jait Sagar just before Rameshwar, to enter a refreshing forest to end up near a stream, further a walk up the narrow gorge-like valley leads to Shiva temple and a gorgeous water fall with pool below. Nature lovers can visit Ramgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, about 45kms from Bundi on the Nainwa Road. The forest houses diverse varieties of herbivores including the rare Blackbucks and Indian Gazelle. Prior permission is required to enter the forest. Close to the Ramgarh centaury is a beautifully situated lake Talwas, flanked with low hills and decorated with lotus plants. Nearby stands a fort and also a Shiva temple called Dhoolshwar Mahadev, located next to a waterfall. The bird lovers can visit Dugari, which has a lovely lake called Kanak Sagar, home to migratory birds in the winters.


 Getting there


A small town of medieval origin in south east Rajasthan, at a distance of just over 200 km from the capital city of Jaipur, Bundi lies near a narrow gorge, and is surrounded on three sides by hills of the Aravalli range, and is circumscribed by a huge wall with four gateways. It is separated from Kota (which was once a part of Bundi) by the river Chambal.



470 km south-west of Delhi, 214 km south of Jaipur and 35 km north-west of Kota.

 Fast Facts
Name Bundi Best Time To Visit August to March
Location Bundi   Rajasthan   West   India  
Open From 2010-08-15  To 2011-08-15 Type Historical city and pristine nature
Temperature Summar   38°-45°      Winter   4°-8°      Rainy   30°-35°
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