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Beaches are tranquilliser, of the fast-paced world, they soothe, they relax and they rejuvenate; the mind, body and soul and transports one to the much forgotten realm of joy, romance, and thrills of self indulgence; and where one realises that real-life, occasionally needs escaping.


Beach.....! Pronto, there you are on a visual tour of an idyllic seascape- the sun kissed slivers of soft powdery sand against the glistening sea,  turquoise waters, coves, coastline fringed by swaying coconut palms, the lolling waves, suntan, a leisurely swim, beach volleyball, seashells and plateful great seafood. Awesome! These are a reminder that the world can be really beautiful.


Instantly, you get impressed by a beach the very moment you set eyes on one. Beaches are so welcoming and magical, and India's vast coastline has a dreamy timeless air with endless procession of gorgeous beaches creating a dramatic landscape. The beaches of India are most happening places. Spend a few pampered days in the colours of the mysterious, tropical mix and merge of the Indian coastline offering endless sunshine, solitude, action and night life at a selected few. The beaches are the jewels of her coast that stuns one with its natural beauty.


A beach holiday is all about fun and frolic - and India has plenty to offer. She has beach destinations galore from the exotic tropical, undiscovered pockets of paradise, to the famous few that keep the holiday- makers happy and of course the spectacular sweeping stretches of incandescent white sand so stunning and beautiful that wins over the most jaded travellers.


The very thought of a beach in India, itís Goa that pops up - a southern state of India with a long stretch of coastline. Goa, perhaps India's most liberal destination with a rare mix of beach, archeology and fishermen coves, has been attracting visitors since 1970's when the hippies made it their home. Though commercialized to quite a degree, Goa has umpteen beaches to choose from, depending what kind of beach vacation one is looking for. There is much more to India's best beaches than those found in Goa.


Further down south on the west coast are the states of Karnataka and Kerala with some spectacular beaches with magnetic appeal for travellers. Kerala- coined 'God's own Country' could be nothing less than heavenly, a trip here is incomplete without exploring its beautiful backwaters, sailing off in the sun with the wind behind on traditional  houseboat. A romantic getaway like no other. Maharashtra, yet another state on the west coast, has its share of some fantastic lesser known beaches that make great escapes from Mumbai.


The exotic beaches almost seems like a dream are in the idyllic archipelagos of Andaman and for those with oodles of money, its Lakshadweep. These stunning beaches off the coast of India are to die for - the powdery white sand, lush greenery and various blue-green hues of waters deep and pretty coral reefs are postcard-perfect.


It's hard not to fall in love with the beaches of India!