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Trekking often refers to multi-day hiking trips through rural, wilderness and often through the off beaten trails for the nature lovers whose only agenda while trekking is to behold the beauty of the nature and cherish the marvel. The activity is considered ultimate for experiencing the divinity of the nature and a must for all nature lovers.

Many professional trekkers go trekking in longer trips through entire regions of the world, using trekking as a way of getting from place to place. Trekking can be incorporated with a number of other outdoor activities, such as backpacking. Backpacking involves hiking to a camping location while carrying a pack which contains all necessities to facilitate the camping for hikers. Backpacking usually involves at least one night of outdoor camping, but can last for months if hikers replenish their supplies along the way.

Trekking can result in a trip as long or short as participants decide, from trips of a week or more to expeditions that last more than a year. Trekking can be as athletic and adventurous as participants decide. The less-structured nature of trekking and a world of destinations help attract a wide variety of participants to the activity.

The Indian countryside has plenty to offer to the nature lovers from all over the world, as the land has some of the matchless trekking and hiking regions that are irresistible to any backpacker. It has a bonus attached as a trek through the Indian wilderness also takes one to a mystic journey of the Indian rural and tribal life, which has played a decisive role in protecting the precious biodiversity.