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Angling and fishing are two amazing activities among the many others that are offered in India. With its dozens of rivers, thousands of streams and age-old system of water reservoirs, India offers vast opportunities for fishing and angling. The pristine settings for angling and fishing range from the majestic Himalayan valleys, snow-fed streams and high altitude lakes to the wide coastal stretches of the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Whether you are a novice or an expert angler, - India’s waters, both fresh and salt, can be a pleasant surprise for you to indulge in angling for a wide variety of fish including mahseer, rohu, katli and trout. The country has an estimated 50,000 km of waters – rivers, streams and lakes. The coastal waters caressing the shorelines of India harbor marine fish like – mackerel, martin and see bass.

In India most major cities lie along the rivers, as a result finding a fishing zone is generally not a problem. In addition to this, most states have well-organized Departments of Fisheries, where special breeding areas assure that there’s always a gene pool of local and exotic fish.

Fishing and angling in India now go hand in hand with conservation, and after having caught your fish, shot your picture and recorded its weight it is best to release it into the water again. The Indian Protection laws enforce that conversation of animal life should be mandatory with this sport. Fishing licenses are mandatory for all anglers, which can be availed from the concerned official of the Fisheries Department of the State. In most cases, fishing licenses are not issued during the monsoon (when most fish species breed); in addition, most licenses are issued for only a specified stretch of water. Furthermore there are conditions that all fish caught must be released into the water, and anglers are restricted to catch a specified number of fish per day.

A fishing adventure-holiday in India is the perfect way to be in communion with nature as well as get away from the hustle-bustle of life. Solitude seekers can spend hours in quiet contemplation and enjoy the pristine beauty of the riversides.