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India >> Rajasthan >> Jhunjhunu >> Alsisar
Alsisar Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan
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Alsisar is a small town in Jhunjhunu district, Rajasthan, India. It is a small desert town of Shekhawati region, which is located in the north-eastern Rajasthan, India. The area surrounding the town is an arid semi desert.


Like other places in Shekhawati, Alsisar is also famous for its Castle, Havelis and Cenotaphs and is claimed to be one of the ideal towns for rural sojourns in Rajasthan.


A couple of centuries back affluent Marwari traders built exquisite havelis (mansions) and painted the exteriors and interiors in brilliant depictions of mythology and folklore. The mansions gained attention only in the last two decades when intrepid visitors started stumbling upon a virtual open art gallery of dimensions unparalleled anywhere. The mansions, the memorials, the temples, the wells, the ponds are all painted with murals and motifs of all kind in rich colors.





Alsisar is a village full of architectural marvels and is a photographer’s delight. The havelis, temples and cenotaphs stand proud testimony to the artists of an era where nothing short of perfection prevailed. The village is a quite place where people celebrate all small and big festivals in a traditional style. The rural lifestyle of villagers engaged in their daily chores of farming, cattle-rearing and artistry will give you a peep into their simple lives.


The peaceful village of Alsisar has its share of architectural delights. The Alsisar Mahal was built in the year 1872 by the then king, Samarth Singh. Now converted into a fine heritage hotel, the regal magnificence of the Alsisar Mahal's architecture and the splendor of its beautifully decorated interiors are just mesmerizing; antique furniture, intricately carved poster beds and medieval delicate Rajasthani motifs on fabric recreates a flavor of luxury living for its guests.


There are number of havelis in this area which bear the wonderful fresco paintings in various everlasting colors and designs. Each speaks with full throated ease about the glorious past of Shekhawati. They are the masterpiece of art and architecture created centuries ago. This is the reason the land of Alsisar Mahal is popularly known as open art gallery.


 Getting there

Location and Distance

Alsisar is 24 km from Jhunjhunu and 164 km north of Jaipur.

 Fast Facts
Name Alsisar Best Time To Visit October to March
Location Jhunjhunu   Rajasthan   West   India  
Open From 0000-00-00  To 0000-00-00 Type Desert Town
Temperature Summar   42-48°C      Winter   0-4°C      Rainy   33-38°C
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