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India >> West >> Maharashtra >> Alibag
Alibag Maharashtra, West
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Alibaug or Alibag is a coastal town on the Konkan coast in Maharashtra's  Raigad District. Shivaji's naval chief Kanhoji Angre developed Alibag in the 17th century. The city shot into prominence after Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj built the fort of Kulaba. The town and its surrounding villages are the historic hinterland of Bene Israeli Jews. There is a synagogue in the "Israel Ali" area of the town.


Alibag often called as the 'Goa of Maharashtra', is a sleepy town made up of innumerable beaches and tiny hamlets a few kilometres apart.  The land of  palm fringed beaches, acres of mango orchards, rolling paddy fields and chikoo-wadis, makes it pleasantly verdant and an unpolluted; popular getaway and its close proximity to Mumbai attracts those seeking respite from a hectic city life. During monsoon, the rain drenched countryside oozes a defined charm and earthiness, making one wish the stay would last forever


Alibag, a maritime town of India, is an oasis of calm acting as a natural shield against the frenzy of a bustling city life. This pleasant seashore is an hour’s ferry ride from the Gateway of India. Simple ferry rides are available all through the year except monsoons. The journey is spectacular, the glistening sea, gorgeous blue skies and series of beaches just one after another spaced by a few minutes ride/drive.


Alibag is astonishingly beautiful, green and reasonably clean.  Alibag beach (the main beach), a very flat stretch good for a long walk, the sand has a hard texture and a shade of black. The distant rocky line lends a romantic air especially during sunsets with the Kolaba fort looming in the horizon.


In the heart of town is the mazaar of Ali Shah Bawa, the beach, gradually growing into a major tourist hotspot is named after him. Platforms have been erected at vantage points for visitors to enjoy the seascape, the sea and a safe swim.


The 300 years old Kolaba Fort located 2 kms offshore, was constructed by Shivaji Maharaj. Visitors should visit the fort only during low tide. The tides roll in from all directions one may have to wade through water on the way back. The fort is well fortified with guns facing seawards; the entrance arch is adorned with carvings of tigers, peacocks, and elephants. There is a sweet water well is in its centre with a Ganesha temple sitting right in front. Near its gate are the temples of Mahishasura and Padmavathi and other gods along with fort deity.


Alibag is fast coming up as a popular water adventure sports centre, Mandwa Jetty here is the happening place with enough diversions like Jet Ski rides, Banana Boat rides, Bumper rides, Sea Kayaking, Para-sailing, Quad Bike rides, Kite-Surfing & many more to keep the holidaymakers happy.


Alibag is also a base to explore nearby beaches such as Akshi, Kihim and Nagaon, which are as pretty as and far less, crowded than Alibag’s main beach.



Divegar, is yet another lovely beach 55 kms down from Alibag. A kilometre long sun kissed peaceful stretch, the waters warm clear devoid of rocks makes perfect swimming conditions. Divegar is not a commercial hub, hence retains its quaint charm with neat tiled-roof houses amidst areca nut and coconut palm.

 Getting there

location and Distance

96 km south of Mumbai

 Fast Facts
Name Alibag Best Time To Visit June to February
Location Maharashtra   West   India   Destination  
Open From 0000-00-00  To 0000-00-00 Type Beach Town
Temperature Summar   35-40°C      Winter   12-15°C      Rainy   28-35°C
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