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Tourist Destinations, Tour & Travel Packages India

"So far as I am able to judge, nothing has been left undone, either by man or
nature, to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his
rounds. Nothing seems to have been left forgotten, nothing overlooked."

-- Mark Twain, Following the Equator.

Magnificent is a responsible tourism & destination management enterprise, dedicated to showcase the unique natural and rich cultural heritage that the magnificent India has to offer through various lovely travel destinations in India, the country that has mystified the world for centuries. We work on the very basis of an innate urge to explore and unearth something amazing, usually not found often on tourist maps & in travel guides or tour packages in India. We then strive to make it accessible for the discerning tourist to wonder and marvel at. Our customized tour packages to India will enrich and mesmerize you with her culture, heritage, wildlife, flora & fauna, folklore, festivals, spirituality, philosophy and at the same time surprise you with her modernity.

India - the glorious land, where five thousand years ago flourished one of the world’s ancient and major civilization along the Indus River valley. The mystical country where the all-important and oldest scriptures of Hinduism, the Vedas were compiled, ‘zero’ was discovered, the circumference of the earth was calculated and the world’s first manual on love and sensual pleasures, the Kamashastra was written. Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism are religions indigenous to this land. Christianity, Judaism and Islam also arrived and merged. The land of the Taj Mahal (The signature tourist destination India) - a mausoleum in white marble built in memory of a grief-stricken king's beloved, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, at Agra. A land,  so rare, where manifestations of erotic love is immortalized by being aesthetically sculpted on the outer walls of the temple which still draws thousands of international tourists to Khajuraho. Arrival of the Europeans - Portuguese, French, Dutch, Danish and British added yet another hue to its cultural collage. The land, from where Mahatma Gandhi showed to the world the power of truth, justice and non-violence.

India is not just known for one of the world’s oldest civilization, but also for the world’s largest democracy, and has made astonishing progress among developing nations. India’s impressive and varied history, culture and technology and economic development, from ancient Gangetic kingdoms to the contemporary, harmoniously blends to form a unique ambiance in over a million square kilometers of magnificent land. India possesses an amazing wealth of sights and sounds, tastes and textures. From a bustling cosmopolitan city to a quite countryside, hill station or beach, the various tourist destinations in India offer unmatched beauty for a perfect holiday. 

What makes India so different from any other destination is the myriad of experiences that it offers. This is one amazing place where ancient and modern in all respects co-exist. India is magical, has literally everything that a visitor dreams, yearns and wants to experience, offering people a complete Indian vacation package and tour package India to have fascinating sojourns.

We represent and come from a culture where hospitality has been a tradition for centuries, not a business proposition, in fact, even a foe at our doorstep, is accorded the best of hospitality, as far the protocol goes. We strive to blend this famous zeal and the urge, with the ultimate dictums and defacto standards of Hospitality & Travel industry to make your travel & stay, a memorable experience. We have customized tour packages India for various travel destinations India. We welcome you to our Incredible India!

Magnificent - A key travel operator, providing you the best of travel, tourism and tourist destinations India.